Dutch Skies 360 XL (Extra Large)

From fall 2016 much more XL skies will be published.

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Dutch Skies 360 XL (Extra Large) information

Whats in the package?

– a 8k & 19k HDR (8k = 8.000 pixels wide – 19k = 19.000 pixels wide)
– a 8k & 16k sIBL set
– a 16k – 16 bit tif file with the tonemap used in the sIBL set
– the complete tonemap procedure (these settings are just my personal taste and can be different then yours so you can easily make your own)

All Dutch Skies 360 XL’s are sold separately.

License: Royalty Free

Pricing: 13,99 Euro (+/- 18,99 $ excl VAT)

Direct downloadable after ordering

PDF Catalog

You can download the complete Dutch Skies 360° XL catalog below (by clicking on the image):

Dutch Skies 360° XL - PDF Catalog

Below you can see a example Dutch Skies 360 XL (DS360XL_005)

Dutch Skies 360° XL HDRI – 005 - Panorama preview

Dutch Skies 360° XL HDRI – 005 - 3D test render preview