The complete Dutch Skies 360° XL (19k HDR) Session Preview Catalog


The Dutch skies 360° ( XL ) HDR’s are being used worldwide in movies, VFX, Games, 3D, VR, Architecture, Advertisement etc. projects. Examples usage can be seen on the website.

This catalog contains previews of all the Dutch skies 360° XL (19k HDR) skies captured the last couple of years. The recordings are made with a Nikon D800 + 16 mm + 360Precision Absolute panorama head. Still new skies will be recorder. Until now never showed unreleased XL skies before.

To download the complete Dutch Skies 360° XL (19k HDR) Session Preview Catalog (+/- 50 Mb) click here or on the image below:

The Edition date on the cover of this catalog shows the last added sky recording date (in this case 20171008 )

Right after a shoot the procedure here is a) sorting, b) making preview renders with PTGUi pro and c) backing up to Blue Ray.

Not all skies shown in this catalog will eventually appear in the online shop.

The catalog contains also links plus direct order links to already published free and commercial Dutch skies 360° ( XL ) HDR’s and links to the official catalog: Dutch skies 360° XL (19k HDR) DS360XL_Extra_Large_Catalogus.pdf

Important (technical) info

• The previews are quickly rendered from one exposure.
• No color correction yet (always shoot a color card regarding the DS360XL skies)
• WB can be some different then the final versions
• The cloud formation in previews may be a bit different in the final sky due to masking methods etc.
• No bird or any other retouch has been done yet
• The naming convention of the images can vary a bit
• It’s possible (but happens not often) a sky is un-stitchable.


Shooting HDR skies is easier then processing them. Lots of steps need to be done. Recording one HDR Sky is about 1 minute. Processing can take several days. Hope to speed up production in 2018. For sure processing these skies will keep me busy for several years!

Unclipped Sun info

Currently, only the free HDR’s (DF360_006 and DF360_013) , the Dutch Skies 360° HDRI – Autumn Pack 01 Reloaded (this one has only one unclipped sun on-board), the Dutch Skies 360° HDRI – Volume 1 Reloaded , Dutch Skies 360° HDRI – Volume 2 Reloaded & Dutch Skies 360° XL HDRI – 023 have unclipped sun versions.

The plan is to have all products in the online store upgraded in 2019 to have Unclipped Sun versions.

Please keep a eye on the WIP (work in Progress) page. Like to be informed when new versions are available? You can join the social media pages ( Twitter, Facebook or Google+) join the newsletter. Privacy notes can be found here.


If you need some more info or if you have some questions just send a message through the contact page of this website. Will try to react as soon as possible.