Improved security online shop: Comodo EV SSL Certificate

Upgraded the online shop with a Comodo EV SSL Certificates for enhanced security. This website now has the Highest strength 2048-bit signatures with 256 bit encryption. More info see here.

Everything should work the same like before *). In the case you might experience problems *) just contact me.

The implementation of the Comodo EV SSL Certificate is done by Rogier Lankhorst & Mark Wolters (through a WordPress plugin called Really Simple SSL). Great service highly recommendable!

*) during testing only having some problems with the Safari browser. If you encounter login problems with your account please try first to empty your Safari browser cache. In the case you still have problems then have a workaround to login: do not use your e-mail address as login name but use your username instead. That should fix the problem. If you still continuing having login problems better use Firefox or Chrome.

ps extra note: you most likely will see a name appear on the upper left or right : R.W. Groothuis this is my official company name as registered in the Dutch Chamber of commerce.