DF360 – 013


Dutch Free 360° HDRI – 013 Reloaded

Update: January 2018

New: Free HDR’s now available in the Unity Asset Store !

DF360 Volume 1
DF360 Volume 2

You can find the HDR on this page on DF360 Volume 2


The package contains:

1 x sIBL/HDR set
1 x original 11k HDR (no horizon retouche in the case you want to do the retouche yourself)
1 x horizon retouched 11k HDR (clipped and unclipped)
4 x HDR game engine set’s (clipped and unclipped)
12 x Extra BG plates (JPG’s and originals)

Filename: DF360_013_Reloaded.zip
File size: 664 Mb

Colofon: Many thanks to Gerardo Estrada for his help with setting up the unclipped sun!

Important notes
regarding upcoming release dates commercial skies (incl horizon retouche, unclipped sun’s and game engine ready HDR’s) please see here.


Usage examples

Simon Maiorana from the company- the 3D Guys – made a nice 3D render with DF360 013. A showcase from Simon can be seen here.

Dutch Free 360° HDRI – 013 - 3D Render by Simon Maiorana -  the 3D Guys - http://the3dguys.com.au/

sIBL | HDR details

The 3 basic ingredients of a smart IBL setup are:

a 8k res panorama as camera background
a 4k res HDR as specular component for reflection
a blurred low res HDR as diffuse environment lighting

Extra: 11k HDR is included

More information about sIBL can be found here.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

Creative Commons License

ps – please send me a request if you want to use it commercially (most cases should not a problem but better ask it).