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Payment information

You do not need to have a Paypal account to order. Simply login as Guest – when the Paypal pop up menu appears – will give you option to pay with a credit card too. Other payment options like iDeal will be implemented in 2015. A PDF invoice will be sended as attachment in the order conformation mail (plus download links of the ordered products).

Upgrade news

Customers who bought in the past the Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1 (before 18-12-2014) can contact me through the contact page. Please mention the original order date and order number too. Then will send you as soon as possible the free update (100% discount code coupon). Note that because of heavy demand must spread the distribution over 2 months otherwise the data bandwith will get to expensive for me (guess you can understand this).

If you won Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1 with a (render) contest in the past you can also contact me.

Schedule 2015

Note: for the upgrades as mention below need to ask for a small Bandwidth Fee (reasonable off course)

– Dutch Skies 360° Autumn Pack +/- february 2015 (its finished already and in the new shop already but need to spread the huge amount of ftp bandwidth)
– Dutch Skies 360° Volume 2 +/- april 2015
– Dutch Skies 360° Volume 3 (rebuild from the scratch) +/- august 2015
– Dutch Skies 360° Volume 4 +/- end 2015

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