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First products in the Unity Asset store

The first DS360 & DF360 products are available in the Unity Asset Store!

Paid products

DS360 Autumn Pack 01

DS360 Volume 1A
DS360 Volume 1B

DS360 Volume 2A
DS360 Volume 2B
DS360 Volume 2C
DS360 Volume 2D

Free HDR’s

DF360 Volume 1
DF360 Volume 2


– Difference between the Unity version and the version available in the official online shop

Unity version has max size HDR of 8k
Unity version does not have the separate sun patches
Unity version ordered through the Unity Asset Store is a bit more affordable (you can call it a “light” version)

– It was needed to split Volume 1 into 2 seperate products due the files size

Its possible to upgrade from the Unity version to the full version. Just mail me if you need some more info.

– If you have a license for the DS360 Autumn Pack 01, or DS360 Volume 1 you can get the Unity version for free. Just contact me and mention your date of order of the purchase then will send you a 100% discount code.

As of the upcoming DS360 Volume 2 Reloaded version there will be a small upgrade price when you want to have the extra sun patch and removed suns hdr’s, or the Unity versions. More info will be available in the near future. The basic upgrade version will include the unclipped suns and retouched horizon and will still be a free upgrade for current license holders.

September 2018

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